NJ5 Robotics

NJ5 Robotics

NJ machine controller with integrated Robotic functions

The NJ Robotics controller is the core of the system architecture which uses the EtherCAT bus to provide the highest motion performance for demanding packaging applications.
The controller is able to control up to 8 robots by providing independent or synchronized movements with the others motion devices installed in the machine, such as single servo axis or group of axes.
The integration of the NJ-Robotics controller with the G5 servo systems allows you to achieve the maximum throughput in your Pick & Place applications by taking all the advantages provided by and the kinematics structure of the Delta robots.
The synchronization with multiple conveyors can be realized very easily by using specific commands which have been specially developed to optimize the cycle time of the Pick & Place applications that use Delta robots.


Robotics functions
In addition to the standard NJ functions, the Robotics CPU provides a set of specific function blocks to control multiple delta robots machine. The system allows to define the kinematics parameters to control any kind of Delta-3 robot, with or without rotational axis, and you can even create dedicated user coordinate systems to simplify the programming. The performance of the Pick & Place trajectories and any related synchronization with the conveyors can be optimized thanks to smart time-based motion commands developed specifically to match the widest through-put needs.
Key features:
• Integrated Delta Robot control
• Control of up to 8 Delta robots in 2 ms/ 4 Delta robots in 1 ms
• Conveyor tracking function
• Automatic workspace check


Real-Time OS
The NJ-series hardware has been designed to adapt to the quickly changing demands of a machine automation controller. A typical system built around an application specific integrated circuit can be difficult to change and enhance. The NJ series uses the proven Intel® Atom™ processor to allow real-time improvements to the cores of the system. This adaptability virtually guarantees a future-proof system that can lead today's automation technology and trends.

Key Features:
Advanced motion features
CPU performance
Quick response to customer needs
Unique application solutions

Accurate and Precise
Because Omron developed every aspect of the control core, run-time is predictable and reliable with no instability caused from third party code. With this advantage, NJ-series functions can be accurately and precisely predicted for real world operation. Features such as CAM profile simulations that provide not only position data, but additionally velocity, acceleration and jerk give a detailed prediction of how the machine motion will actually perform. Only Omron can deliver such a stable and efficient controller, ensuring your application will behave as desired.

Key Features:
• Logic simulation
• Motion simulation
• Stable operation and reliability
• Quick and predictable start-up time

Motion and Logic in ONE
With a powerful processor comes multiple systems integrated into one controller. Providing advanced motion control with proven machine logic in one unit gives your machine the ultimate advantage. The NJ-series seamlessly combines two prominent application requirements to reduce hardware and development cost. Handshaking and other intermediate steps needed with multiple systems that create overhead, inefficiency and delay are eliminated while functionality and performance are increased. Sequence control, motion control, and I/O refreshing are all executed in the same control period. This enables precise sequence and motion control in a fixed period with minimal deviation.

Key Features:
• Increased control
• Comprehensive motion and logic function set
• One program for motion and logic

Advanced Hardware Design
Building on Omron's reputation for quality and innovation, the NJ-series is designed to be a solid performer in the class of machine automation controllers. Fan-less operation with efficient heat dissipation eliminates mechanical failure and extends the life of the system. Ports such as Ethernet and USB provide a standard interface for connection and communication. An SD memory card slot integrated in the CPU provides a common media for data storage. Backwards compatibility is provided with most CJ type IO units for easy upgrade and a full range of available and existing unit types.

Key Features:
• Class leading compact size
• Front facing connections for efficient panel design
• Standard feature Ethernet/IP port
• Standard feature EtherCAT Master port

Proven Technology
Developed from years of experience, the NJ-series combines the newest technology with the stability and performance of yesterday's PLC's. Built upon the knowledge and success of previous controllers, the NJ-series advances with improvements such as task scheduling, error processing, synchronized control and multitasking. The NJ-series system provides the hardware reliability that you expect from a PLC with the flexibility and power of a machine automation controller.

Industry Standards and Global Conformance

Standard IEC 61131-3 based programming languages are supported and motion control instructions that are based on PLCopen standards and an Instruction set (POU's) that follow IEC rules are provided. Hardware compliance with EMC and EC directives ensure your system will operate according to widely accepted regulations. Global standards conformance combined with Omron's extensive worldwide support network allows your machine to comply with a variety of international markets without limitations.


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